Help HHF Win $250,000!

//Help HHF Win $250,000!

Help HHF Win $250,000!

From Lori Sames, Executive Director of Hannah’s Hope For GAN:

Last month, I stayed up until midnight to file our $250,000 Pepsi Refresh grant application, but was given the message at 12:06am that 1,000 applications had already been filed, and to try again on July 1.

Another local charity successfully filed their application within the first 1,000 at midnight on June 1.

The local charity is called Nick’s Fight to be healed.  The person who successfully got their’s to file will help me at midnight on July 1, to improve our chances of getting it filed in time.  They will also vote for us next month.  They are going for a $25k grant, and we are going for $250k, so we are not competing with this charity.  We will only be competing with the other $250k applicants.  ONLY the top 2 that get the most votes in the $250k category get funded each month.  Also, if you are not in the top 2, but receive many votes, your votes ROLL OVER TO THE NEXT MONTH, further improving your chances of getting funded.

You can vote multiple times from the same TCP/IP address, but it has to be a separate Pepsi Refresh login, which means you must have different email accounts.  So, if you have work email, personal email, Gmail, etc., you can vote multiple times!  Start thinking about all the people you know from your different walks of life that can get their networks voting for us once we successfully get our application filed. Kids can vote too as long as they have an email account.

Let’s support Nick’s Fight to be healed, and you can try out the process for when Hannah’s Hope Fund is successful at getting our application filed in the first 1,000.  

Let me know if you want to stay up until midnight on June 30th, so we can improve our chances of getting it filed!

Thanks! —Lori
Click here to contact Lori.

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