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The Sames Family at Saratoga Racetrack

The same day that the Sames family found out that HHFG had won the $250K Pepsi Refresh grant, the New York State Racing Association (NYRA) Senior Vice President, Dave Smukler, presented a check for $500 to the family as they presented the trophy for the second race.


Click here to read the NYRA Blog Article.

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How HHF Has Impacted My Life

8/31/2010 11:30:38
As I write this, we are at #1 in the Pepsi Refresh grant ranking. We need to hold this spot for a few more hours, and I know we will.

Since HHF was created, I’ve watched miracle after miracle unfold. But watching us rocket from the bottom of the list at 400-something at the beginning […]

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The Faces of GAN

These are the faces of the children you are voting to save.  The little girl in the top left corner is Hannah.  The little girl in the middle on the top row is Naomi.  Naomi is already gone.  She died of GAN at age 12.

We are at #1.  We have 1 day to get to […]

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Grant Update From Lori!

From Lori Sames, Executive Director of HHF:

In just 24 hours, we went from #56 to #47! Please ask everyone you know to get at least 20 people to vote every day! Also, ask that they get 20 people to vote… the snowball effect is how we will win this! Are your kids voting? Remember, you […]

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Pepsi Refresh Grant Update

We are currently at #38 out of 412 organizations trying for the $250K grant which means we are almost in the top 10%.  We are moving up every day, so please keep up the daily voting and don’t forget to text your votes as well.

We are partnering with other organizations that are also trying for […]

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Happy 4th of July!

From Lori Sames, Executive Director of HHF:

On July 1st at 12:01 A.M., we successfully filed a Pepsi Refresh grant application for $250,000. Pepsi accepts 1000 applications per month and then reviews the applications. On August 1st, our application will be posted on the Pepsi Refresh website and eligible for voting. The two applications that receive […]

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Help HHF Win $250,000!

From Lori Sames, Executive Director of Hannah’s Hope For GAN:

Last month, I stayed up until midnight to file our $250,000 Pepsi Refresh grant application, but was given the message at 12:06am that 1,000 applications had already been filed, and to try again on July 1.

Another local charity successfully filed their application within the first 1,000 […]

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Science Update

Update on our progress from Lori Sames, Executive Director of HHF:

I participated in a clinical trials training course last week in DC. Immediately following the course was the American Society of Gene and Cell Therapy’s annual conference. It was amazing to see the efficacy and safety data for gene therapy for other diseases. Gene therapy […]

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Nominate Lori Sames for the Women of Worth Award!

L’Oreal is hosting the Women of Worth Award. Please nominate Lori Sames, Executive Director of Hannah’s Hope for GAN. If she wins, HHF will receive $25,000!

Click here to open a window to the nomination form.

You need to register first.

Once you register, log in and click nominate. You may cut and paste the responses below which […]

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