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There is hope

A family contacted us this weekend to say their daughter was just diagnosed with GAN. As a Mom, I can’t even think about what hearing that news must be like without tears welling in my eyes. Yet, as I communicated with the Aunt of the newest child we add to the group that we are […]

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Scientific Update, August 2011

GAN Gene Delivery
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Dr. Steven Gray, from the gene therapy center at UNC at Chapel Hill, is leading Hannah’s Hope Fund’s gene delivery project. To date, no human has ever received a therapeutic gene to the spinal cord. The challenge is two-fold:

Get the viral vector (a tool commonly […]

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The Love & Hope Ball and The Business of Making Miracles

By Heather Burnell Tutwiler
(Lori Sames’ cousin and HHF Website and Social Networking Volunteer)

I can’t believe it’s been three weeks since I returned to my home in Charlotte, NC after flying to the snowy North Country of Albany, NY to attend the Hope & Love Ball. I got sick with the flu, so this blog is […]

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Love & Hope Ball Update

We have decided to go green this year by not printing tickets for the event. You will be checked in by name on the night of the event.

Please enter the Desmond from the front or the side.

Thank you for your support of Hannah’s Hope and See you Saturday!

Doors open at 6pm!
Here’s a sneak-peak at prizes:

Door […]

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HHF to Host Doris Buffett

For Immediate Release
January 25, 2011

Hannah’s Hope to Host One of America’s Most Famous Philanthropists

Rexford, NY- Ms. Doris Buffett, sister of Billionaire Warren Buffett and founder of the Sunshine Lady Foundation, will be attending this year’s 2nd Annual Hannah’s Hope and Love Ball. Coincidentally, we will be celebrating Ms. Buffett’s birthday at our event, also. […]

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It’s Official! We won!

Press Release:
January 3, 2011
Hannah’s Hope Fund Wins Another $250,000 Pepsi Grant
Rexford, NY- Hannah’s Hope Fund (HHF) has officially been announced as a finalist for the $250,000 Pepsi Refresh Everything Grant for the month of December.  HHF finished December as the #1 vote getter in the country for the $250,000 category. Finalists are typically announced as […]

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