434e6f50eb5a8dabe00f189eb660722f_f92Press Release:
January 3, 2011

Hannah’s Hope Fund Wins Another $250,000 Pepsi Grant

Rexford, NY- Hannah’s Hope Fund (HHF) has officially been announced as a finalist for the $250,000 Pepsi Refresh Everything Grant for the month of December.  HHF finished December as the #1 vote getter in the country for the $250,000 category. Finalists are typically announced as grant recipients 3 weeks after the conclusion of the monthly contest and are posted on www.refresheverything.com.

HHF is a local charitable foundation founded by Matt and Lori Sames, parents of Hannah Sames. Hannah was diagnosed with a rare, terminal disease called Giant Axonal Neuropathy in March 2008.  At the time, there was no concerted research, no funding and no hope.  Since then, Hannah’s Hope Fund has galvanized families from around the country and around the world. Potentially, we are about 12 months away from a human clinical trial.  If the treatment developed at UNC Chapel Hill’s Gene Therapy Center is successful, it will save children suffering from GAN as well as other closely related diseases such as Spinal Muscular Atrophy and others.

HHF has raised over $2.3 million since its inception and needs to raise an additional $850,000 in 2011 in order to fund the necessary studies and surgeries for our human clinical trial.  For more information about Hannah’s Hope Fund or to learn how to donate, please visit www.hannahshopefund.org .

Media Contact
Matt Sames
Director of Hannah’s Hope Fund and Father of Hannah Sames