How One Family Supports HHF

//How One Family Supports HHF

How One Family Supports HHF

1d5c641ce44628b7ba6691a541843ccf_f378From an Anonymous HHF Supporter:
The adults in our family have sworn off giving each other stuff we don’t need, and instead we donate to Hannah’s Hope Fund in each others’ honor.  The kids also joined in with true Christmas spirit this year;  when their Aunt asked what they wanted from her for Christmas, they asked her to donate to HHF.

The kids’ generosity inspired other family members, and the family donated $1000.  That $1000 will be matched by various Corporate matching gifts, making it $2000, and THAT $2000 will be matched by Doris Buffet’s Sunshine Ladies Foundation, making it a $4000 Christmas Gift to Hannah’s Hope!

Joy to the World!!!

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