Sell Your Junk on eBay to Help HHF!

//Sell Your Junk on eBay to Help HHF!

Sell Your Junk on eBay to Help HHF!

ebay-reveals-new-company-logo-7cfa25d9f9When my Mom finished packing to return home after Christmas, she dropped the Vera Bradley handbag, pictured above, on my sofa and said, “I’m sick of this purse.  Just throw it away.”  Since I’ve been surfing eBay looking at “vintage” handbags, I knew that this purse, in a pattern that is no longer made, would be appreciated by someone.  I told her I’d try to sell it, and donate the profit to HHF.

I took a few pictures, uploaded them to eBay and posted it for $10.  It just sold for $25!  Since I can get a matching gift from my company, and the Sunshine Ladies will match both my donation and my Company’s donation, the purse my Mom was going to throw away has resulted in a $100 donation to HHF!

If you want to try selling your “vintage” junk and donate the profits to HHF, and you need help navigating eBay, feel free to email me for help. (I’m Lori and Hannah’s cousin.)

De-clutter and help HHF at the same time!

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