Useful GAN Links

Useful GAN LinksMedical Links:

Health Topic: Peripheral Nerve Disorders
Axonal Swellings
GENETIC DISORDERS – Giant Axonal Neuropathy
Web MD Neuropathy, Giant Axonal
Giant axonal neuropathy: clinical and genetic study in six cases
GeneReviews: Giant Axonal Neuropathy

Government Links:

Localization of the giant axonal neuropathy gene to chromosome 16q24
Genetics Home Reference

Miscellaneous Links:

List of symptoms of Giant axonal neuropathy
Giant axonal neuropathy: report on a case with focal fiber loss
Giant axonal neuropathy locus refinement to a < 590 kb critical interval
National Academy of Sciences: Giant Axonal Neuropathy: Acceleration of Neurofilament Transport in Optic Axons
Wikipedia – Giant Axonal Neuropathy

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