Dairy Sensitivity

Dairy SensitivityMany (not all) GAN subjects have a dairy sensitivity and projectile vomit milk and heavy cream. Whey, casein and caseinate are also mike proteins they should also completely avoid if they have a dairy sensitivity. When you have a food sensitivity, the whole GI tract becomes inflamed and nutrients are not absorbed properly. Also, many neurotransmitters are made in the gut. These patients are already neurologically compromised, so if you sense your child has a dairy sensitivity, completely remove it from their diet. Great food substitutions:

Dairy Substitutes

Milk – Almond Breeze Original (you never know it’s not cow’s milk). The chocolate Almond Breeze is amazing and is flavored with cocoa, not milk chocolate. Doesn’t have the sweet, funky taste like soy milk. Another option is coconut milk.

Chocolate – anything flavored with cocoa is fine. Most dark chocolates are fine, just read the ingredients.

Butter – Earth’s Balance is amazing! You can get it at Wal-Mart and most grocery stores, in both stick and in containers. It’s also great to cook with.

Dinner rolls – Crescent roles are dairy-free.