Wine-Party-Picnic-Gift-Basket_small.jpgAngel Tree Baskets

Each year at the Hope & Love Ball we raffle gift baskets as part of our fundraising.  All basket/basket items are donated.  Below are the basket names and a small description.  Click on each basket name to go to a page with more details about the basket.  

If you can donate an entire basket and package it togther, great!  Got all of the items together, but have no idea on how to create it, give it to us, we will do it for you.  If you wish to donate a few items within a basket take a few items on that page and email

Thank you! 

1. You Had Me at Merlot   Description: good wines from various varietals.

2. Happy Hour   Description:  Spirits/cocktails

3. Ice Cream Social   Description:  Ice Cream Party

4. Lego-licious   Description:  Basket of Lego’s

5. Love You a Latte   Description: Coffee, mugs,etc

6. Barbie   Description: Barbies/access

7. Let’s Go to the Movies   Description:  movie night

8. Luck be a Lady Tonight   Description:  lottery tickets

9. Little Book Worm   Description:  Children’s books

       Donated by: Deb Johnson

10. Chef’s Special   Description:  Items for chef

11. Planes, Trains & Automobiles   Description:Cars/trains/etc

12. Once Upon a Dream   Description: Princess-themed

13. Baby Girl Basket   Description:items for baby girl

14. Baby Boy Basket   Description:items for baby boy

15. Date Night   Description:Romantic Night Out

        Donated by:  Law Office of Daniel S. Glaser

16. The Grass is Always Greener   Description:  Lawn care

17. Wired   Description:  Fun Electronics

18. Maid to Order   Description:  House Cleaning

19. Grease Lightning   Description:  auto detail, car washes, and car accessories

20. Greetings   Description:   greeting cards

21. Wrap It Up   Description:  All your wrapping needs

22. Champagne Basket   Description:  Fine champagne

23. Fun in the Sun   Description: Fun day at the beach!

24. On the Road Again   Description:  Fun activities for kids and adults for a long car trip

25. Puppy Love   Description:  Tribute to Man's Best Friend

26. Kids Sports Basket   Description:  Sporting items for the kids

27. Chillin’ and Grillin’   Description:  Supplies for your grill

28. 16 Candles   Description:  Basket filled with candles

29. Poker Face   Description:  poker night

30. Breakfast Basket   Description:  basket of breakfast items

31. Board Games   Description:  All the games needed for family game night

32. Readers Paradise   Description:  Books and more

           Donated by:  Clifton Park Nursery School

33. Getting' Fit   Description:  All you need to exercise!

34. Moment of Zen   Description:  Tea Basket

35. Cookie Basket   Description:  Cookies and accessories

36. Chocolate Lover   Description: Fondue & Chocolate

37. Crafty Kids   Description:  Craft supplies

38. Plant Me a Dream   Description:Gardening Suppls

39. Crafter's Dream   Description:  Scrapbooking

40. Shopper's Paradise   Description:  Gift certificates

41. Hit the Fairways   Description:  Golf day!

42. That's Italian   Description:  Gourmet Italian

43. A Lot of TLC   Description:  Pampering

        Donated by:  Ruth Raym

44. A Day in Saratoga   Description:  Day in Saratoga

45. Let's Go Yankees   Description: Yankee items

46. School's Out for Summer   Description:  Fun for summer

47. Cheer for the Home Team   Description:  Sports items

48. Girl's Rock   Description:  Rocking girl

           Donated by:  Girl Scout Troop 2599

49. Hot Wheels   Description:  Hot Wheels

50. Downhill Dream   Description:  Fun for the skiing enthusiast

51. Movie Night   Description:  movie night

52. Stylin'   Description:  Treat your hair

53. Scrap This Memory   Description:  Scrapbooking

54. Stamp Your Heart Out   Description: card supplies

55. Hockey   Description:  Hockey Basket

56. Put a Cork In It   Description:  Bottles of Wine

57. Winter Fun   Description:Kids activities

58. School Supplies  Description:  Kids indoor activities for the cold winter days

59. Lotto Tickets  Description:  Filled with lottory tickets


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